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Product codes by topic:

1.1- minimalist,

1.2- muse

1.3- Estonia 

1.4- company logo


A special domestic calendar notebook for all of us who work hard, dream  and exercise!


* Choose your favorite design for the cover: minimalist, muse, Estonian or your logo! 


* Calendar notebook structure:

- annual calendar on the inside cover

- 3 year rounds to help you fly your thoughts on how to shape the near future

- pages for projects

- Color Tracker of the Day

- The perfect place to spend the day and evening

- year-end summaries

- Dotted note paper for each week (next to the calendar!)

- white paper for notes / drawings

- pages of monthly goals and summaries (12 pcs)

- pages of quarterly goals and summaries (4 pcs).  




This is the tool that holds  all the important goals in front of your eyes, helps you focus on important activities and teaches you to make summaries so you know which path to your goal is most effective.


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Simple and logical.


NOT a calendar notebook  is the creator and designer of the concept Kix has been running this product and community for the fifth year in a row. You are welcome! 


Kixperience OÜ


Additional information and orders-

calendar notebook OLE 2022

Sales Tax Included
  • - domestic: Estonian design, Nordic style (minimalist and fresh)

    - 11% of profits for charity

    - format  A5, portrait

    - number of pages ~ 166

    - Covers: colored  brownish,  semi-hard

    - method of binding: black comb binding 

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