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Product codes by topic:

16- round (diameter 3cm)

17-rectangle (8x5cm)


Selected keywords:

Round (item no. 16):

1 muse, 2I, 3charming, 4feminine, 5secure, 6warm, 7stylish, 8brave, 9healthy, 10people, 11strong, 12women;

Rectangle (item no. 17):

1muse, 2I, 3single, 4feminine, 5secure, 6warm, 7stylish, 8brave, 9people, 10strong, 11women


* Choose your favorite! 


A special series of domestic stickers for all of us who work diligently, dream  and exercise!




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Simple and logical.


NOT a brand  concept author and designer Kix has been running this product and community for the fifth year in a row. You are welcome! 


Kixperience OÜ


Additional information and orders-

sticker "muse"

Sales Tax Included
  • - domestic: Estonian design, Nordic style (minimalist and fresh)

    - 11% of profits for charity

    - format: round, diameter 3  cm / rectangle: 8x5 cm.

    - colour-  colorful


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