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Quick and easy!  

You can choose between different delivery methods (when making a purchase, before payment!).


All orders will be shipped from Tallinn within 5 working days in the manner of your choice. 

Notifications come automatically via email.

If you have chosen to pick it up yourself, we will contact you directly to arrange a time.  

Delivery takes a few working days within Estonia, 7-9 days in Europe and 21 days elsewhere in the world. These deadlines are informative. If the product has not arrived by then, please contact us.  



The Itella SmartPOST package will be delivered to the address you entered

to the nearest shopping center.


PRICE € 2.70


Eesti Post - the parcel will be delivered to the nearest post office or post office.


PRICE € 3.50


Catching up on your own.

Kixperience OÜ studio, Tehnika 21, Tallinn

(by prior arrangement)






The parcel will be delivered to the nearest post office.  

PRICE € 10.00  

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